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Material for garments

Korea Vilene Co. Ltd. has been the market leader with products of high technology based on the world No. 1 nowoven production facilities for decades.

We are providing customers with diverse quality materials for garments along with best service by manufacturing in a domestic factory & cooperating with global branches/factories.

Meeting the customers' needs and expectations, we have been building up a long reliable business tradition & history following the utmost guiding principle, win-win with customers.


Interlining is a material, which provides menswear, ladieswear, casualwear, jumpers, shirts, etc. with functions such as reinforcement, stabilization, better looking or touch that those garments require for respective application parts.
This component consists of nonwoven or woven base material with and without a variety of adhesives.
Korea Vilene has been manufacturing the best quality interlinings such as PowerDot, Xltreme(postprocessing), Xltreme(nature), SpecialDot(difficult-to-fuse fabrics) based on the outstanding high technology for years.

Nonwoven Interlining

Nonwoven interlining is manufacted by entangling fibers without weaving process. As a result, the base of nowoven interlining retains high adsorbability by forming multi-opening gap) structure. It is made up of Polyester 100%, Polyester/Nylon or Polyester/Viscoserayon, which has different properties. It is not directional and enables anti-fraying at the edges, which makes it possible to manufacture products of various weight & thickness.

CE series
  • PA double dot series by PowerDot technology
  • Excellent bond strength, minimum strike-back
  • Item: CE3013, CE6025 and etc
CM series
  • PES paste dot series
  • Soft touch and strong durability after washing
  • Item : CM4013, CM9012 and etc
CV, CS series
  • Double dot series by Special Dot technology
  • Suitable for Difficult-to-fuse fabric
  • Item : CS9012, CV9013 and etc
AP series
  • All Purpose
  • Strong durability after washing
  • Item : AP88, AP68 and etc

Polyester Woven Interlining

The base is fomed into plain, twill, warp-knit, or circular-knit structure by weaving process. The structure is directional by warp and weft like fabric, so woven interlining has diverse properties by different yarns & weaving methods. Woven interlining mostly adopts DTY(Drawn Texture Yarn), which is soft and elastic. When it comes to a respective structure, Plain has a stable structure and Twill has soft touch and good thickness.

ME series
  • High qulity Plain & Twill with PA double dot
  • CO: Freudenberg & Vilene (Nantong)
  • Item : ME9701, ME9113 and etc
AP series
  • All Purpose
  • Strong durability after washing
  • Item : AP11, AP28 and etc
KW series
  • Special budget product range
  • Plain & Twill with PA double dot series
  • Item : 5033KW, KW307 and etc

Vilene Shirt(Top-fuse)

Vilene Shirts Interlining is manufactured in Freudenberg & Vilene Nantong, China, based on the technology of Gygli, a Fruedenberg family company in Europe. The majority of the range is cotton 100%, and the quality is controlled under our strict criteria, "under 2% or below of the shirainkage rate after fusing and washing. Vilene is providing customers with the Shirt Trend Collection twice a year for better understanding the contemporary shirts market trend.

32 series
  • Standard quality range
  • 4 colors(white # 1000, ivory #4000, grey #3109, black #3216)
  • Item : 3205, 3223 and etc
  • Available for soft & hard touch, Brushed & Sew-in type
66 series
  • Premium quality range
  • 4 colors(white # 1000, ivory #4000, grey #3109, black #3216)
  • Item : 6605, 6623 and etc
95 series
  • Budget quality range
  • 4 colors(white # 1000, ivory #4000, grey #3109, black #3216)
  • Item : 9505, 9523 and etc
  • Available for soft & hard touch, Brushed & Sew-in type

Polyester Knit Interlining

Knit interlining is suitable for stretchable fabrics.

PD, PE series
  • Circular knit interlining
  • Suitable for Knit garment and as the OTB(Over The Back) interlining to prevent scratches of the back side of embroidery
  • Item : PD9233, PE9924 and etc
SD, SE series
  • Warp & Weft insert, Tricot interlining
  • Light and relatively thick
  • Item : SE3023, SD3624 and etc
AP series
  • All Purpose
  • Strong durability after washing
  • Item : AP11, AP28 and etc


Wadding product range has been one of the best sellers of Korea Vilene Co. Ltd. for ages. Korea Vilene Co. Ltd. is manufacturing diverse high quality wadding products as a thermal insulation for winter garments.

  • 3-layer structure
  • Stretchable and strong durability after washing
  • High dense structure
  • Ultra-soft & down-like touch
  • High thickness in comparison with other paddings of same weight
  • Water-repellent and Bio-ceramic treatment
  • Eco-friendly
  • 4-layer structure
  • Water-repellent/Water vapor permeability/High breathability
  • Soft touch and excellent moldability
  • 4-layer structure
  • Water repellent/Water vapor permeability/High breathability
  • Aluminum film for reflecting and blocking air
  • Soft touch and Excellent moldability
  • High quality polyester micro fiber replacing down
  • Feather-like touch
  • Excellent workability and moldability

Brassiere-cup Nonwoven

  • Excellent resilience and stable structure
  • Diverse products of hard and soft touch
  • Strong durability after washing
  • Controlled under 50ppm in formaldehyde contents (Japan law 112)
  • Item : BC-2700, BC-2200, BC-6800 etc.


Fuctional nonwoven

  • Water repellent/Water vapor permeability/High breathability
  • Functional material meeting requirements of functional garments
  • Suitable for fuctional sportswear
  • Item : VT-500
  • Watersoluble Nonwoven & Film
  • 40℃ & 90℃ waterdoluble
  • Used as embroidery backings
  • Technical nonwoven product maintaining body temperature with PCM (Phase Changing Material)
  • Heat absorption/exothermic function
  • Suitable for menswear, ladieswear and sportswear


  • Innovative technology for stretchable fabric
  • Any stitch-free application of parts on elastic fabrics
  • Suitable for seamless underwear & swimwear, and for fusing patches for a specific part
  • Item : 440-10(A2C22)

Down bag

  • Nonwoven downbag to prevent down strik-through
  • Diverse products between 10g/sqm and 25g/sqm
  • Item : PPC-010, KD16 and etc

SL(Waistband & Tape)

  • Curtain Waistband & varied tapes
  • Running SL station for new technology/application in Hongkong
  • Ultraseam : seamless bias tape
  • Diverse CT (composite tape) and MT (Multi tape), better workability, efficiency and uniformity
  • Item : CT-101N, ME9913MT00 and etc

Preform, PAD, S/H, Canvas (Marelli & Berta)

  • High quality preform manufactured by Marelli & Berta in Nantong, China
  • Customized production
  • Precise production with CAD System upon customer requests


  • T/C 65/35, T/C 80/20 168T, 186T, Herringbone pocketing
  • Available for various colors
  • Item : 4468KL, 4486KL and etc


  • Poly Taffeta & Twill, Acetate Taffeta & Twill, PB Taffeta & Twill follow up
  • Diverse range of products by quality and price
  • Item : 4190KL, AC-175 and etc

Material for Dress

  • Fabric for wedding dresses and diverse mesh fabrics
  • Customized production meeting customer's requirements
  • Item : 915KL, 916KL and etc