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We are producing various products such as Headliner, Rear package, Trunk interior & Seat back material, reinforcing material and so on with the best facility in the world. We are developing and supplying high quality car interior materials by collaboration with car manufacturers from the time the new model is developed. And we are making efforts to meet our customer's requirements such as being high quality, environment-friendly and functional.

Nonwoven skin for headlining

We are producing various headlining nonwoven skin such as solid, 1 tone, 2 tone and HD print type. KVC's headlining skin has a good appearance and can finish easily many kinds of functionality such as antibiosis, flame resistance and water repellent etc.
Solid type : No pattern on the product
  • Needle Punch felt of 100% PET Doped-dyed fiber
  • Reasonable price compared with other materials
  • Excellent sound absorption
Printing type : Enhance design as printing regular pattern on the product
  • Various patterns as printing 1 or 2 tone
  • Enhance abrasion resistance
  • Antipollution effect as printing
High density printing type: Enhance appearance and pollutant as increasing density on the surface of felt
  • Soft texture with enhancing smoothness of surface
  • Good appearance through enhancing printed visibility
  • Effectiveness of antipollution as increasing density on the surface

Car interior materials

Seat back / Rear package / Luggage Mat & Side

Car interior material that is made by needle punch felt using polyester dope dyed fiber has excellent fade resistance, abrasion resistance, shape stability, flame resistance.

Nonwoven for insulation

Nonwoven Insulator Cover has excellent mold-ability in any case and adds such other functions such as flame resistance, water repellency etc.

PET substrate for headlining

  • Reinforcing material for TF foam substrate/PET felt substrate
  • Eco-friendly, Recyclability, Excellent sound adsorption and mold-ability.
  • Low weight compared with other company's substrate
  • Simple molding process