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Goods with Hygienic Materials

Through quality control, hygienic and eco-friendly materials are made in order to contribute to customers' safe and convenient lives. We are focusing on developing eco-friendly products to meet customers' requirement.

Hygienic Materials

It is used at skin-friendly non-woven products. Depending on how they are used, it can be divided into hydrophilic and hydrophobic ones.

Non-woven fabric for the top sheet of a diaper

It is used as a material at the upper part of a diaper (the area touched by the skin). It is skin-friendly and touched softly. With the highly hydrophilic property of this fiber, babies' excreta are soaked up in a short time.

Non-won fabric for spreading layers of a diaper

It is used at the inner parts of a diaper, which is worked for spreading babies' excreta quickly and widely to the inside of a diaper without leaking back to the top sheet of a diaper. Therefore, babies can feel comfortable all the time.

Non-won fabric for the top sheet of a sanitary pad

It is used for the top sheet of a sanitary pad. It is made by combining film and non-woven fiber. With its unique looking, delicate touch and quick soaking up, it is used widely.

Medical Use

Non-woven fabric is very important in the medical area which has been developed fast. It is adapted at various areas and also developed rapidly.

Non-woven fabric at Disposable Band-Aid

By its formation with film, the band-aid is not attached to the skin. It is treated for sterilization. As a highly resilient absorbent, it protects the wounded spots.

Non-woven fabric for Wound Care

It is used at the absorbing layers in the dressing pad, surgical pad, and big band-aid for wound care. It absorbs blood and other discharges so quickly that it helps the wounded area with protection and prompt recovery.

Non-woven fabric for Patch or Poultice

It is used for the patch to attach to the skins with muscle aches, bruises by exercises or the aching joints. With a superior looking and elasticity, it helps to be attached well even on the joints which move all the time.

Non-woven fabric for Plaster

In order to avoid stomach burden by taking medicines, patches are used to deliver the effect of medicines through the skin. And non-woven fabric is used at this kind of medical patches. Patches for arthritis or rheumatism and smoking patch are included.

Non-woven fabric for Cosmetics

With a variety, it is used for facial mask, cleansing pad, etc. which help protect and improve a healthy and shiny skin.