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We, Korean Vilene co., Ltd., are supplying various types of the air cleaners for automobiles and trying to contribute to solve the air pollution problems. Based on our techniques obtained for the last 20 years, for the development of more advanced techniques, we are collaborating with Freudenberg who is one of leading companies in non-woven fabric markets and Japanese Japan Vilene. And also we are trying to adapt them to our Korean market.

Filters for Automobiles

We are doing an active research on a filter, which is an essential part in automobiles for their better generating capability and for their longer lives. This research includes a study about materials for the filter which improve the filtering efficiency and are suitable for less ventilation resistance. Study about manufacturing them by unit is also included. We are developing various kinds of filter materials which have remarkable application abilities in small space followed by the tendency of automobile's hi-technology and miniaturization. We are also selling the additional functioning products of noise absorption followed by the structure of density gradient. By the wrong choice of a filter, the car engine can be damaged and the performance of a car can be degraded. Furthermore, the car's lifetime can be shortened and exhaust gas can be increased, as well.

Engine intake air filter

Filters for General Air Flowing System (Conditioning and Heating)

When the materials for an air filter are selected, the following factors are considered first: air cleaning, the amount of leading-in air and circulating air, the dust concentration rate, use of the room, the number of people in a room, the amount of the air flow, filtration performance of the air filter, maintenance costs, etc. We are trying to maintain the best quality of our filters based on our own advanced technology applied by the self-studied development, production and equipment.

Pre Roll Filter (for HVAC)

Pre Panel Filter (for HVAC)

Pre Pocket Filter (for HVAC)

Medium Pocket Filter (for HVAC)

V-Shaped Filter (for HVAC)

Medium Separator Filter (for HVAC)

HEPA Filter (for HVAC)

ULPA Filter (for HVAC)

Filter for Automobile Painting

Gas Turbine Cartridge Filters

Filters for Home Appliances

Our filter for a vacuum cleaner has been treated for the function of anti-bacteria which takes out the dust at the house and inhibits bacteria to be multiplied. This high efficiency is used as electrostatic media. Handling is easy. Molding by the ABS injection treatment for the variety of shapes and for the comfort to use, a more compact structure can be obtained.

Filter for a Vacuum Cleaner

Filters for Dust Collectors

Apart from filters for general air flowing system, backfilters for dust collectors is good for poor environment where there are many dusts.
  • Incineration or burning boilers
  • Metal melting, refining or heating facilities
  • Chemical fertilizer manufacturing facility, phosphoric acid or its compound manufacturing facility
  • Ascon manufacturing facility, facility of plasticity
  • Cement, lingual gyrus and plastic manufacturing facility
  • Melting of glass and glass products manufacturing facility, melting facilities
  • Oil refinery facilities

De-Nox Type

Backfilter for general needle felt

Backfilter with the surface coated by micro porous

High temperature back filter

Backfilter for Cartridge Type

Filters for Liquids

Liquid filter/ Auto transmission oil filter/ Milk filter
It is used for the preprocessing filter of water treatment, plating, and chemical process. It is also used at dairy factories, metal work companies and steel industries. It shows efficiency of filtration and separation. Especially, Milk Filter used at dairy factories is regarded as a unique product by Korea Vilene Ltd.

Filter for Filtering Liquid

Milk filter