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the nonwoven industry will bring the future.

Through Ceaseless R&D investment and technology development, KVC has produced Global nonwoven technology.

Development of Interlining nonwoven

  • Thermal insulation material, double-sided sealing HAS, ULS
  • Brassiere cup nonwoven for women
  • Multi-fusible PS (point sealing) interlining nonwoven
  • Applicable Micro fiber, high density thermal insulation
  • Multi interlining using stitch bonded yarn
  • High elastic adhesion interlining
  • Soft & voluminous thermal insulation for an army
  • Absorption & heat nonwoven

Development of Automotive nonwoven

  • Automotive headlining skin (Solid, 1 tone)
  • Automotive headlining skin (2 tone print)
  • Automotive headlining substrate for Recycle
  • Automotive headlining skin (Bubble Print)
  • Cushion pad material for automotive interior
  • Automotive headlining skin (High Density Print)
  • Automotive headlining skin (PO (print out) Print)

Development of Baby & Woman Nonwoven

  • TBCW &Air-thru, Top sheet for Diaper of Baby
  • Function top sheet for baby diaper
  • Air-thru & ADL for baby diaper
  • Functional top sheet for baby diaper
  • Aloka-S cover for feminine napkin
  • Air-thru & ADL for feminine napkin
  • Function top sheet for adult diaper
  • Hygiene Patterned Air-thru

Development of Filter nonwoven

  • Filter bag
  • Automotive air cleaner
  • Home filter
  • Gas turbine filter
  • Automotive fuel strainer filter