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KVC will pioneer nonwoven-technology

As customers need the best products, KVC keeps its promise for enriching the lives of humans.

Interlining nonwoven

Interlining, brassiere cup nonwoven, sportswear, functional wadding and so on Through Ceaseless product development, we are working hard for high value & high functional product development in the depressed domestic fiber industry.

Automotive nonwoven

With Continuous product development & improvement, we are playing key part in global competitiveness for domestic automotive brand. Besides automotive interior nonwoven, membrane of secondary battery for hybrid cars, eco-friendly Recycled polyester substrate development and so on. We are working hard for Future-oriented technology development.

Baby & women nonwoven

Hygiene nonwoven for using the most advanced facilities offers various and innovative ideas to customers. Besides surface and absorption layer, medicated patch material, medical band material, medical type and so on. We are working hard for medical nonwoven development.

Filter nonwoven

We made an effort to develop high performance filter for lean-burn engine, air cleaner, vacuum and air conditioner. It has been motive to meet diversity requirements of customer through we have been many experiences.